Garvey PT & Wellness is a mobile, concierge practice, designed to make finding quality care easier for busy adults and athletes (both young and not-so-young). I bring treatment to where it is convenient and comfortable for you, whether it's your home, office, gym, or local park.  We can also treat via the use of online tele-health consults (picture a Zoom meeting). 


Whether you are dealing with an acute injury, a recurring pain, or maybe you just want to move better, I am here to make the process of finding help easier.  With 20 years of experience in a busy out-patient PT clinic, and countless hours of continuing education in physical therapy,  I am well trained to help you get past your injury and back to doing what you enjoy, as pain-free as possible. 


For too long I saw patients who didn’t know where to start or who to see first when they had an injury, or who waited too long to come in for help because they ‘just thought it would get better on it’s own’.  Or they ‘didn’t know PT could help with that’. I grew tired of the reactive model of PT care, and wanted to provide people with a pro-active solution to everyday aches and pains. I would like to be your first resource in assessing an injury or nagging pain, by EDUCATING you about where pain comes from and how to manage it, RESTORING your body's ability to heal itself, and RELEASING you back to an active life--free from pain!


 The information in these videos and this course is for educational purposes only, and is not a replacement for the services of a healthcare professional. This information is not to be considered physical therapy for your specific condition.  Examples given of injuries & their prognosis are based on typical representations of those injuries seen commonly in my physical therapy practice.

  The information given is not intended as a representation of every individual’s potential injury or presentation. As with any injury, each person’s symptoms can vary widely and each person’s recovery from injury or response to exercise can also vary depending upon background, genetics, previous medical history, application of exercises, postural conditions, motivation levels, and various other physical factors.

  It is impossible to give a 100% accurate diagnosis and prognosis without a thorough physical examination, and therefore the advice given for management of an injury cannot be considered fully accurate in the absence of an examination from a licensed physical therapist. Please do not use this course to diagnose or treat a medical or health condition. 

   The information provided on this site and in this course is for educational purposes only. This is not medical advice or physical therapy for your specific condition. Any injury sustained while performing these exercises is solely the responsibility of the indivicual performing them. Garvey Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC disclaims any and all liability from performing the exercises demonstrated. If you are dealing with a pain or injury, please consult a medical professional prior to starting any exercise. 

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