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Schedule Your Appointment

     Garvey Physical Therapy and Wellness uses a secure website called PTEverywhere for registration and scheduling.  Please click on the button below to register as a client.  I will get a notifcation once you are registered, and will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.   

You will also be emailed an intake packet, which I would ask you to complete prior to your appointment so we can get right to work at the time of your visit.

(Please remember the password you create on PTEverywhere!)


By logging in to your PTEverywhere account, you can see upcoming appointments, access invoices/superbills to submit to your insurance,  join me for a secure  telehealth visit, and submit  payments.  Please see the video below for a quick tutorial of PTEverywhere.

Please note, due to the travel time associated with being a mobile PT, the self-scheduling feature has been disabled.  Also, your home exercise program will be delivered via a separate app called AC Health, and will be issued at your initial visit, as appropriate. 

If at any time you run into difficulties with scheduling or accessing your account,

just call me at 920-266-9171.  

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