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PT & Wellness Services

How I Can Help?

Physical Therapy Evaluation & Follow-up

For Acute Injury or Chronic Pain

Spending one hour+ of direct 1 on 1 time allows me to really get to know each client, their history, and most importantly, their goals. We can take the time needed to assess the full body (not just the part that’s currently hurting), to link old injuries to current injuries, and find the true cause of your issue. This allows us to get to the root of the problem, and find lasting solutions, often times in fewer visits than required at traditional therapy.

We will place an emphasis on self-assessment and self-care techniques, allowing you to gain control of your pain/injury.  We will provide you with a thorough explanation of our findings and the anticipated plan of care needed to help you reach your goals. 


When appropriate, some initial evaluations and follow-up visits can be done via a tele-health visit, provided on a secure video-conferencing platform. This is an excellent option for re-assessment of active mobility/movement patterns, advancing self-assessments and exercise programs, and instructing on the next phase of care.  It is most appropriate for those clients who, after a thorough initial evaluation, have been cleared of needing any direct hands-on care.  Telehealth visits can be done from the convenience of your home, office, or anywhere you have enough space to move around---at just about any time of day.  All that is required is a laptop or mobile device with a stable internet connection. 

Wellness Services

-Musculo-skeletal Screening
-Athletic Screening & Performance
-Golf Screening & Fitness

-Ready To Run Screening

-Optimal Aging in Your Home
-Soft Tissue/Joint Mobility Work

-Musculo-skeletal screening: a thorough assessment of how well (or unwell!) the body moves. Here we can identify areas of weakness, tightness or poor mobility that may predispose you to injury, or may be a cause of the various nagging aches and pains that you experience with certain activities (say, after raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc). We will provide a full explanation of findings and how they relate to possible injury/pain, and then help develop a program to address and correct any issues identified. Treatment can include hands-on techniques such as instrument assisted soft tissue and joint mobilization, cupping, taping techniques, as well as instruction in a progressive exercise program for mobility, stability, and strengthening as needed. 


-Athletic/Performance Screenings: Using the Functional Movement ScreenTM , an athlete is taken thru a series of graded movements. Studies have shown that athletes that struggle with these specific movements tend to be more prone to (non-contact) injury.  We can help identify any movement restrictions leading to difficulty with these tests, and design a program in efforts to decrease an athlete’s risk of injury. With all the time and money spent on camps, equipment, and practices, this is one way to ensure your child will be able to participate at his/her best thru the upcoming seasons. 


-Golf screening:  Typically 3-4 sessions, includes an assessment based on the body’s requirements needed for a pain-free golf swing. Here we can identify any mobility or strength issues that may be leading to that recurring low back pain, shoulder/elbow pain, or hip pain that does not need to be a normal part of a round of golf.   We will then instruct you in a program you can do at home or the gym, to address any mobility, flexibility, or strength issues. ****Disclaimer: I am not a golf pro, so will not be offering any changes/instruction regarding the technique of your golf swing. Our focus will be on improving your body’s ability to physically do what is needed to swing a club painfree. However, addressing these physical restrictions can often lead to improvements on the course---think of a more full backswing & follow-thru allowed by improving your trunk & shoulder mobility, longer drives allowed by stronger hips, straighter shots by improving your balance. 

-Ready to Run Screening: performed over 2-3 visits, includes:
-Detailed Running Injury History Audit
-Graded Assessment of 5 Areas of Mobility All Runners Need--key to avoiding foot/ankle pain, achilles tendon pain, shin splints. 
-Hip to Core Strength Testing--vital to preventing knee, hip, and back pain with running. 
-Full Explanation of Findings followed by instruction in an individualized plan to address any findings that may be limiting performance or putting you at risk of injury. Follow up visits will be used to advance your program, approximately 7-10 days later. 

-Optimal Aging in Your Home:  a wellness program for active seniors.  We will conduct testing of your balance , mobility and strength, as well as assess your current risk for falling. Based off this, we will design a simple, safe exercise program that you can complete in your home, to improve your strength and balance.  This is the perfect program for the aging adult who want's to stay ACTIVE & SAFE IN YOUR OWN HOME, so you can continue to enjoy hobbies, family and community activities for years to come.  Usually completed over 3-5 visits, or on an on-going basis if you choose.

-Soft Tissue/Joint Mobility Work: using a variety of manual techniques, including instrument assisted  and percussion gun soft tissue mobilization, as well as specific joint mobilizations, we can help ease areas of repetitive strain or chronic tightness. We can also show you some easy exercises you can do to try to keep these areas moving and feeling better.  

-Kinesiotaping: can be used to support or activate over- or under-worked muscles, to improve posture, to help stabilize a joint, to reduce swelling, and to alleviate pain. We will also instruct you in techniques that you can apply on your own.  

Services: Services

"Highly recommend Seamus. I went for an appointment for bad knee pain, and he calmed my fears of of never being able to run again. Spent an entire hour with me and ever seemed rushed."         A.K. 

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