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 Plantar Fascitis?    Knee Pain?   Bunions?   Achilles Tendonitis?

Watch your FREE VIDEOS below to discover how  restoring ankle mobility may be the key to improving running performance and alleviating knee pain, plantar fascitis, bunions, achilles tendonitis, and a host of other running-related injuries. 

You'll also get a SPECIAL OFFER for my new RUN FREE course, a self-paced online course about the causes of common running-related injuries (like knee/hip/IT band pain, plantar fascitis, achilles tendonitis) and why they are often so hard to get to the bottom of and fix permanently. Or, you can sign up for the course and UPGRADE to the DONE WITH YOU optionwhere I will hop on a virtual visit with you to walk you through a complete runner assessment, explain our findings, and set you up with the exact exercises I would recommend to get you moving better! And you'll still have full lifetime access to the course!!!

Containing follow-along videos of self-assessments and simple corrective exercises, this is the exact system I have used for over 20 years in treating both injured runners, and proactive runners looking to avoid injury, to help them best meet the joint mobility, flexibility, and strength requirements necessary to improve performance and finally RUN FREE!

On Sale For Just $79...
For a Limited Time Only!
Thanks for checking out the free videos, but before you go, I'd like to tell you more about the special offer I have for you on my new RUN FREE course...
Are you a runner that:
  • is tired of missing out on long runs with friends because of a recurring ache or pain?
  • wants to learn more about how to improve performance and decrease your injury risk?
  • wishes you could increase your distance without that old familiar ache creeping back in?

   This self-paced, three part online course (with just over 2 hours of content) is your KEY to learning how to assess and prepare your body to function at it's best...ready to RUN FREE!  There are countless programs out there about how to run better, and I'm sure they all have some benefit.  Everybody wants to get stronger, run farther, and run faster---and there are lots of programs out there to help you with that.  However, as a physical therapist with 20+ years experience working with injured runners,  it makes absolutely NO SENSE to me to start adding load, increasing mileage, or trying to build strength unless you know with certainty that your body is ready for it. 

   Think of it this way: Would you add horsepower to a car that has a flat tire or no brakes?  That would be asking for trouble, wouldn't it?  Well that is the same thing we are doing if we start upping our mileage to train for that half or full, or start a strength training program with a body that is not ready to handle those loads.  I truly believe that every runner that wants to improve performance, increase their mileage, start building strength, and continue to run free of injury, should complete the RUN FREE system first. 

   The mechanics involved in efficient running require the body to meet some basic standards of flexibility, joint mobility, and strength in order to function most effectively.  This course takes you through a series of follow along videos on how to assess if your body meets these standards, and includes simple, follow along exercises to help you fix any issues you find, so you can be sure your body is prepared to run...

FREE of worry...FREE from injury...FREE of pain.

You invest a lot of time training for your next race...
Going for a run is what clears your head and keeps you sane...
A good run is your time to catch up with friends...
Research shows up to 80%
of runners get injured 


(I’ve seen far too many runners fall into this cycle…)

You just want to stay in shape, to relieve stress, to get together with friends at the next race...

but every season, you find that same old issue acting up every time you bump your mileage, try to increase your pace, or get X number of weeks into your training.


You're not sure where it came from or what caused it, and most importantly---what to do about it.

You scope the internet or running magazines for that "perfect stretch" or that one magic exercise that is going to "cure" you...and maybe it gives you some temporary relief...but as soon as you get back to running, the issue comes back again.


You start feeling defeated...skipping out on runs...the issue keeps getting worse, and you resign yourself to "taking a few weeks off" from running in hopes to "let it settle down"...only to find it comes right back as soon as you resume running.

Who Is This Course For?

  •  Avid runners who are tired of dealing with the same recurring aches and pains every season
  • Seasoned runners looking to improve performance and continue to run painfree for years to come
  • Runners who are bumping up from a 5K to a half, or a half to full marathon, and want to be sure their body is prepared for the increased training load
  • Beginning runners who want to be sure they have a solid foundation to start building their running career
Want to know the REAL SECRET  to long term relief and improved running efficiency?

   There is an old PT saying...."where you think it is, it ain't".  The human body is very smart.  It can learn to "work around" areas of weakness, tightness, or immobility. And a lot of the time, it can do this for a long time, without issue.

But eventually the areas that are "working overtime" to compensate for a tight/weak/immobile area, start to get inflammed and mad...and so your brain makes that area start to hurt, as a way to "encourage" you to change something in the way you are moving.  

   The problem with most stretches, exercises, braces, taping, shoe inserts, (and unfortunately a lot of medical care), is that it is directed only at the area that's mad and hurting (where you think the problem is).

Unfortunately, most times, where the hurt is ain't where the true problem is.


   So if you just treat what hurts, without figuring out WHY IT'S'll never solve the problem...


   You can't fix or heal an injury, unless you know what truly caused it...

   And your stretching or strengthening routine will never be as effective as it could be

unless your body is properly prepared for it…


Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a special offer on a DONE WITH YOU option, where I will guide you thru the entire course content during an online virtual visit.  We'll take the time to give you a more detailed explanation of findings and how they may be impacting your running. Then we will instruct you in the exact exercises recommended to get moving better, and will be sure you are performing them correctly.  Plus, you'll always have on-going access to the full course!

   My name is Seamus Garvey and I’ve been a PT for 20+ years. Over that time, I’ve helped hundreds of clients recover from injury and get back to doing what they love. However, during that time, I grew frustrated by seeing so many injured people who were not given the focused care they needed---people who saw their doctor and were told to "just rest it", to "put some ice on it", or to just stop doing the activity that bothered them (even though it was something they loved to do--like running!). They were "treated" by taking care of what hurt, but never educated on WHY THEY HURT or HOW TO KEEP THE HURT FROM COMING BACK. 

   Over 20 years of practice and countless hours of continuing education courses, I have learned that there are some common patterns that show up with various aches & pains. For a variety of reasons (daily postures, repetitive motions or movement patterns, gaps in our training programs), certain parts of the body tend to get weak, certain muscles tend to get overworked & tight, and certain joints tend to get "stuck" or immobile.

   What happens then is that other parts of the body try to compensate, and after awhile it is these compensatory areas that start to wear down and become symptomatic. Unfortunately, too often we see treatment directed only at these symptomatic areas (because that’s what drives a person to seek help), without ever addressing the underlying cause. So they get treatment for the area that hurts and start to feel a little better, but the true cause is never addressed, and the pain eventually comes back.


It is my opinion that every human should know how to assess and maintain their body to ensure it is capable of doing what it is they ask of it...

(whether that be the physical demands of work, throwing a ball, swinging a golf club, or going for a long run). 

   My goal with this course is to provide runners with the education to know what it is each part of the body must do in order to be able to run efficiently, and a framework to assess & improve themselves to meet those standards.


By knowing what parts of the body are moving well, and knowing how to fix the areas that are not, you can begin to decrease injury risk, improve efficiency, create a better base to start adding strength, and finally address the root cause of any persistent/recurring injuries.

You can finally begin to RUN FREE!

If You're A Runner, Odds Are You've Experienced an Ache or Pain of Some Sort.
If not, based on the research, it may just be a matter of time until you do...

With this course, you'll get the exact sequence of tests, assessments and exercises I use in the clinic when working with an injured runner, or a pro-active runner looking to improve performance and cut down injury risk.  And you'll have lifetime access to the full course, so you can repeat the testing and exercises whenever you feel the need!

  • The confidence of knowing your body meets the standards required for efficient running.

  •  In-depth knowledge about common running injury categories, and what you can do to decrease your injury risk.

  •  A system you can use to self-assess your mobility, strength, and prepare your body in the off-season, to assess yourself if you hit a plateau in-season, or prior to starting a new strength/conditioning program. 

  •  A step-by-step sequence to help identify the true causes of common running related injuries, and the exact follow-along exercises designed to address and fix them. 


Finally, a way to know if you are truly ready to run,

and a step-by-step solution to prepare your body to RUN FREE!!!!

Untitled design (5).png
  • Your follow-along guide to assessing how prepared your body is to run, and a step-by-step system to get you READY TO RUN FREE!!!

  • Stop the guessing and frustration of trying to figure out what's limiting your performance or causing your running aches...learn to test and fix yourself, right from home!

  • Increase efficiency, improve performance, make your strength training more effective, and cut your injury risk!!!

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Module 1: Common Running Injuries

Where you think it is, it ain't!

(approx 23 min)

Here we’ll break down running injuries into three main categories, and discuss ways to decrease your risk in each category, so you can enjoy painfree running for years to come. 

Module 2: Self-Assessments

Is your body ready to RUN FREE?

(approx 60 min)

These self-tests are like having a physical therapist with you, whenever you need one. You’ll be taken thru follow along videos detailing four general movement screens and 15+ joint/muscle specific tests, to dial in on any areas that may be limiting your performance,  causing recurring irritation in a joint or tissue, or may be setting you up for an injury down the line. 

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Module 3: Fixing What You Find

Simple Corrective Exercises

(approx 51 min)

This is where it all comes together. After completing your module 2 movement assessments, module 3 will zero in on a plan to fix each and every problem area found. You will be guided in a series of simple exercises (with follow along videos, requiring nothing more than common household items for exercise equipment), designed to get your mobility, flexibility, and strength at their optimum, so you are ready to handle the stresses of running. 

And If You Act Now, You'll Get These Awesome
FREE Bonuses!!!

Ready To Run Score Sheet

This downloadable follow-along score sheet will guide you step-by-step through the process of evaluating your own movement capacities---from general movement screens down to a detailed examination of the key joints and muscles required to Run Free. You'll be able to track exactly where you are moving well, and where you could use a little help. 

Untitled design (7).png

Exercise Log Trailmap

Worried you won’t know which exercise to do, or how many/how often to do them? I’ve got you covered with this simple downloadable exercise log that contains recommendations on the proper sequence and repetitions to perform for best results, all based off your individual findings from module 2. 

You are here!.png

Free Access to the RUN FREE with GPT 

Facebook Group

Sign up for the Run Free course, and you'll get access to our dedicated Facebook group---the perfect place to hang out with other runners, ask questions about an injury, shoewear,  or anything from the course, and get recommendations on training equipment or new exercises to try out. 

Sign up in the next 7 days, and you'll also get access to the "Ready to RunFree" Warm-up---a follow along video of the perfect pre-run warm-up routine to get your body quickly prepped for your run!

Add a little bit of body text (3).png
Take Advantage of this Limited Time Offer!!!

Try the RUN FREE System out for 30 days. If it's not for you, just contact me ( within 30 days of purchase and I'll be happy to issue a full refund. 

Isn't it time to stop missing out on, or struggling through your runs?
What happens if you do nothing, and that pain keeps getting worse?
Wouldn't it be nice to leave those nagging aches and pains behind?
Isn't it time to get your body ready to RUN FREE???

Learn THE EXACT SYSTEM used by a PT (with 20 years experience working with runners) to assess your strength, flexibility, and joint mobility required for efficient running...find out where you may be showing signs of decreased efficiency or potential injury risk and learn how to address any issues you find, FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR you’ll always know exactly what exercises to do to prepare your body to be at it's best!

Here's a recap of everything you'll get when you purchase this amazing offer: 
  • Module 1: Common Running Injuries -A breakdown of running injury categories, and ways to modify your injury risk in each.  ($49 Value)

  • Module 2: Ready to Run Self-Assessments- Learn the exact sequence of tests I use with injured runners to assess the body's readiness to run. ($150 Value)

  •  Module 3: Fixing What You Find-A step-by-step sequence of exercises to address your specific findings based off Module 2 results. ($150 Value)

  •  Bonus #1:  Ready to Run Self-test Score Sheet- Easily track what assessments you passed, and which need work. ($19 Value)

  •  Bonus #2: Exercise Log Trailmap- Know exactly what exercise to do, and how many/how often to do them. ($19 Value)

  •  Bonus #3: Access to the "RUN FREE with Garvey PT" Facebook Group- A place to hang out with other pro-active, health conscious runners for Q&A, exercise modification, equipment suggestions, check out the "READY TO RUNFREE" pre-run warm-up, & more.  ($49 Value)

That's a $436 Value...But For a Limited Time,  You Can RUNFREE for Just $99---$79 !!!
Compare that to the cost of: 
   -yet another new pair of shoes or inserts that you hope "fixes" your problem
  -having to skip yet another race you registered for because of an injury
  -more time and $$$ spent at the massage therapist/chiro/PT office 

Prefer the "DONE WITH YOU" option? 
Click the "I'm Ready to Run Free" button and sign up for the SPECIAL BONUS package.  With this upgraded option, I will hop on a virtual/online visit with you to walk you thru and grade you on all the movement tests. We will then take extra time to go over our findings and explain in detail how any findings may be impacting your running. Finally, we will give you personalized instructions on the exact exercises recommended to get you moving better, and will evaluate you as you perform the exercises to be sure you are doing them correctly.  And don't worry, you will still have full lifetime access to the course, so you can refer back to any of the videos at any time.  
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